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RDC Nurses has been a trusted name in the staffing and recruitment industry for over 10 years. Founded in 2011, the company has been at the forefront of providing quality nurses to healthcare organizations in need of contract and permanent staffing solutions.

Throughout the years, RDC Nurses has built a strong reputation with its clients for providing experienced professionals with the skills and expertise to satisfy their staffing needs. The company has a deep understanding of the job market and specializes in finding the right fit for their client’s needs. We have an extensive network of experienced professionals and utilize the latest technologies to ensure our clients get the best candidates for the job.

We are dedicated to helping our customers get the right candidate for the job. With our years of experience in the nurse recruitment industry, RDC Nurses is the “smart” choice for businesses looking to hire the right person for the job.

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In recent years, the shortage of nurses in the United States has been growing steadily, making the recruitment of nurses from Latin America an increasingly attractive option for many healthcare organizations. The cultural and linguistic diversity of Latin America is an important asset in the recruitment process, and we ensure we provide culturally competent care to nurses recruited from the region. 

It is important to understand the cultural diversity of Latin America and the significant role that culture plays in the recruitment of nurses from the region. Latin American culture is quite diverse, with each country having its own distinct customs, values, and traditions. The languages of Latin America are also quite diverse, with Spanish being the most commonly used language but with other languages such as Portuguese, French, and Dutch also being spoken in some countries. This cultural and linguistic diversity means that we must be conscious of the cultural differences that exist in Latin America and ensure that our recruitment efforts are sensitive to these differences.

We must also be aware of the unique needs of nurses from Latin America. For example, nurses from Latin America may have different expectations of their job than nurses from other parts of the world. Additionally, nurses from Latin America may have different expectations of their employer than nurses from other parts of the world. We are aware of these expectations and ensure that we provide our nurses with the cultural training they need to thrive in the USA.

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Coming to the US can completely change your life. We’re here to provide you the opportunity and help you every step of the way.


Our job is to equip U.S. healthcare organizations with the best nurses the world has to offer. Since 2011, we’ve been committed to making nurses’ dreams come true.


Our nurses aren’t just employees, they’re part of our family. We understand what it's like and will take you through the entire process—screening, placement, and even beyond your arrival.


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