Get to know us!

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Get to know us!

Who We Are

RDC Nurses is a Puerto Rican direct placement & consulting firm.

Since 2011 we have been recruiting healthcare/nursing professionals from Puerto Rico, US Caribbean, and Latin America to the United States. 

If you’re looking for a professional and trustworthy recruitment partner with in-house professionals monitoring the complete licensing process ensuring timely completion, RDC Nurses offers you the best quality of service by always recruiting the best candidates exclusively from Puerto Rico, US Caribbean, and Latin America.


Shifting Great Talent Where Needed Is What We Do

RDC Nurses will provide you with the most competent professionals, with the best disposition and motivation, absolutely informed and prepared according to the requirements of the offer (hospital, area where they will live, how they work in the destination state, etc.).

Why RDC Nurses?

We work in an exclusive alliance with over 100 university campuses around Puerto Rico, US Caribbean, and Latin America via their alumni and graduate programs.

We utilize nontraditional methods to find passive candidates. We have dedicated ourselves to making every recruitment process a success. This is our mission and our responsibility, and we are proud to fulfill it every day.

Many individuals from the islands do not utilize the traditional job boards like Monster or Indeed to search for employment and believe it or not many aren’t on social media.

We acquire many candidates through referrals from other nurses RDC Nurses has placed.

Additionally, we work with alternative and effective methods to reach passive qualified candidates. At the same time, we make sure that everything is extraordinarily simple for our client hospitals, by taking care of and involving our services in the necessary areas.

Careers for Nurses from
Puerto Rico & México