As a service of appreciation to the nursing community, RDC Nurses provides virtual, group and free information sessions several times a year.

These consist in general information on how RDC works as an employment agency, the NCLEX® exam, preparation, and licensing procedures in the US.

As a thank you to the nursing community, RDC has taken the time to gather information on these important topics that might help answer your questions.  The NCLEX® Exam is processed directly with the nursing board of the corresponding state, there are 50 states and each one has its respective board.

If you’re looking to learn more about how RDC works as a Recruiting Agency or information about the NCLEX® Exam/Preparation/Licensing, feel free to visit the links below to learn more.

**Due to limited time and staff, RDC does not offer NCLEX® Consultation Services or individual “guidance”.**

Much success to you in your nursing career!

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